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Straight Talk

A lot goes on in Washington. Louie is here to help you keep tabs on the most pressing issues and tell you a bit of truth behind all the rhetoric. 

The Baseline Reform Act

All four sessions I’ve been in Congress I’ve filed a zero-baseline budget bill. The bill isn’t full of “draconian cuts” like big government spenders have vilified it as, but The Baseline Reform Act simply ends automatic increases in every federal department’s budget. The bill is just common sense. 

This January the bill authored by Rep. Rob Woodall (R-GA) and inspired by my Zero Baseline Budget Act passed out of the Budget Committee by a vote of 21-12. Finally, we’ll have the chance to vote on bettering American lives through tremendous savings. 

Obama’s Afghan Policy

Over and over again, Obama apologizes for America and legitimizes Taliban leadership. The administration has released known Taliban terrorists from detention and continues to present a weak America across the globe. 

One leader the administration released for humanitarian reasons is now appearing on Afghan television announcing that the United States has been defeated and that the United States is now begging the Taliban to negotiate with them. The administration even furnished the Taliban with a princely office in Qatar for negotiations. 

Instead of negotiations, we must support the Northern Alliance, the natural enemies of the Taliban. We must insist on a new Constitutional Loya Jirga, or convention, breaking the Taliban’s ability to dominate Afghanistan. 

We must set the basis for a political system that gives each of Afghanistan’s ethnic communities protection against the Taliban’s violent repression and ethnic identity destruction. 


If ObamaCare is enacted, the government will gain the right to tell us how to live—what to eat, how much to exercise, how to run our lives. The door will be open to the government running everything. 

117 members of Congress and more than 103,000 Americans are working through the American Center for Law and Justice to declare ObamaCare unconstitutional. With such a strong outcry, this administration must listen to the voice of the people.