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Washington, Enough is Enough

Louie Gohmert refuses to accept the “be-nice” mentality that many have adopted when dealing with an administration that believes in their right to boss around hardworking Americans. With Louie, he just calls it how he sees—nothing more and nothing less.

More than a few times his truth-telling ways have made him a target of those set on compromising foundational American principles. And when questioned about his stark honesty, he simply says:

“When somebody is destroying the country that you’re sworn to protect and love with your heart, it’s time to stand up no matter who gets offended.”

Louie stands up and speaks what’s on the mind of Americans dedicated to our founding principles: Enough is enough, Washington.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Old sayings hold tried and true wisdom. American families make sacrifices every day, understanding that money doesn’t grow on trees. It is time Washington follows the basic principles that have made our families strong.

Louie understands that as Americans tighten their belts, so must the federal government. Louie has pushed for job creating opportunities such as the Keystone Pipeline, while calling on the government to live within its own means and not raise the debt ceiling.

Open markets and limited government propelled the American economy to be the greatest in the world. Destroying the principles that made us great kills individual responsibility, replacing it with government dependency. Louie believes otherwise:

“I do believe in holding people accountable for their actions. Our government has gotten in the business of luring people into a rut from which they cannot get out.”

Safety First

Louie refuses to comprise his duty protecting the safety of the American people. He has served on the military and legislative frontlines of marking sure terrors abroad do not destroy the American way of life. He served Captain in the U.S. Army. And he now works as Vice Chair on the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.

Time and time again this administration has neglected the government’s responsibility to security for political gain. The Fast and Furious scandal sent dangerous weapons into the hands of drug lords, and budget debates forced national security onto the table as bargaining chip.

Louie’s recent trip to Afghanistan confirmed what Louie and common sense conservatives have known all along: the administration’s apologies for America have weakened our nation abroad.  

Protecting Our Core Principles

Louie is a firm believer in protecting the American family and supporting traditional social values. Throughout his time in the legislature, Louie has recognized marriage as between a man and a woman and has worked to preserve the American family. 

Our constitution states that we are given three inalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Life is our first gift. And liberty and the pursuit of happiness will never follow without life. 

Louie has always believed that abortion is an obstruction of our right to life. But when his own prematurely born child held onto his finger for eight hours non-stop, Louie saw with his own eyes just how true it is that there is no difference between born and unborn children.