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FRC Action PAC Endorses Rep. Louie Gohmert for Re-Election in Texas' 1st Congressional District

Posted on February 21, 2018 in Press Releases

TYLER, TEXAS – The FRC Action PAC’s Executive Vice President, Lt. Gen. (US Army-Ret.) Jerry Boykin, released the following statement on behalf of the PAC showing their support and endorsement of Congressman Louie Gohmert’s reelection bid to TX-01:

“On behalf of FRC Action PAC, the political action committee connected with Family

Research Council Action, I am pleased to announce our endorsement of your candidacy for

United States House of Representatives in Texas’ 1st Congressional District.”


“In your years of service in the United States House, you have been a great advocate for

conservative principles, consistently receiving a 100% rating on our annual Scorecard, and

earning our True Blue Award.”


“As a member of Congress, you have proven you will stand up for the constitution and

fight for the rights of the people. Time and time again, you have been a stalwart champion of

limited government in your leadership on the House Judiciary Committee. You understand that

Big Government is not the answer to the challenges we are facing and you have supported

reigning in an intrusive government bureaucracy. You also understand that protecting family

values is critical. We commend your commitment to ensuring that the rights of conscience are

not infringed and our freedom to live out our beliefs remains secure.”


“FRC Action PAC is confident that you will be a strong advocate for constitutional limited

government, for individual liberties, and for strong family values. Once again, we are pleased to

offer our endorsement and will urge those who care about the future of our nation and our

freedoms to support you as well.”


Based in Washington, D.C., FRC Action is the legislative affiliate of Family Research Council. We seek to educate and influence elected officials on Capitol Hill and in the states, activate our grassroots network, and mobilize Values Voters on behalf of faith, family, and freedom. FRC Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit and was founded in 1992. FRC Action exists so that our nation’s most fundamental values are represented as we impact public policy, influence elections, and support candidates who share our values for public office.

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